Migrasjon Rogaland skal:
• Dokumentere Rogalands migrasjonshistorie
• Gjøre Rogalands migrasjonshistorie tilgjengelig
• Sette opp forslag til arrangementer og turer
• Knytte sammen lag og organisasjoner

The project

Migrasjon Rogaland pre-project has two main objectives. The first is to make, promote and support activities, festivals and seminars connected to the migration field. The activities will be published at our homepage (menu on left side; "Migrasjonsprogram").  

Restauration - The second goal is to collect, register and digitize sources that documents the emigration history from Rogaland County. This survey will be carried out by the Secretary in Migrasjon Rogaland and several working groups established in Rogaland. Hopefully the registrationwill result in a large digitized database of both private and publish sources, containing photographs, letters, books, articles... 
An important task in this project is to get in contact with Norwegian descendants abroad. Most often does the emigrant-story end when a person leave the native country. The same goes for rogalendinger settling in foreign countries. This project also aims to locate, collect and register information of rogalendinger and families in their new homeland. If you have information, please contact us:








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